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Advocate for Mental Health Care at CHKD

In its effort to provide the best care and the best facilities in pediatric mental health, CHKD needs your help.

How to Write a Letter Supporting CHKD's Certificate of Public Need

1. Please use your business letterhead, if possible, and personalize your letter as much as possible.

2. Please write as soon as possible.

3. Address letter to:

Marissa Levine, MD, MPH
State Health Commissioner
Virginia Department of Health
Madison Building
109 Governor Street, Thirteenth Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

4. Include your name and relevant professional background, for example:

  • My name is Jane Doe, and I have been a pediatrician in Virginia Beach for 20 years.

5. Add a statement of support, for example:

  • I am writing in support of ... 
  • I am writing on behalf of (practice, agency, business or coalition name) in support of ...    

6. And a description of CHKD's request, including the COPN#, for example:

  • ... COPN Request # VA-8366 for CHKD's to build a 60-bed acute pediatric mental health facility in Norfolk.
  • ... CHKD's Certificate of Public Need (COPN Request # VA-8366) to build a pediatric mental health facility on its Norfolk Campus.
  • ... CHKD's COPN Request # VA-8366 to build a 60-bed mental health facility to improve access to critically-needed inpatient psychiatric care for children and adolescents in our community.

7. Statement of personal experience, for example:

  • Over the past decade in my (practice/school/clinic/emergency room) I have seen an alarming increase in the number of children and adolescents who face serious mental health issues and are unable to access the treatments they need on a timely basis.

8. Your signature, with your title

9. Instructions for sending:

  • When mailing your letter, please send one copy to Dr. Levine (address above) and send an additional copy to: Stephen D. Rosenthal, Troutman Sanders LLP, P.O. Box 1122, Richmond, VA 23218, and Jim Dahling, CHKD, 601 Children's Lane, Norfolk, VA, 23507.
  • If you wish to email your letter, please scan a copy and send as an attachment to:
    copn@vdh.virginia.gov and to steve.rosenthal@troutman.com and sandra.brooks@chkd.org

Sample Letters

Pediatric Mental Health: The Statistics

CHKD has prepared a Fact Sheet detailing pediatric mental health statistics within our region. See the fact sheet here.