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Community Benefits

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As a non-profit organization, we consider every service we provide at CHKD to be a benefit to the community. Specifically, community benefit refers to programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing in response to identified community needs.

Measuring and Meeting the Needs of our Children

Community Benefit Reports

Our Community Benefit

At CHKD, working to improve the lives of our community's children is a twofold endeavor, deeply ingrained in our mission, our history, and our daily work.

On one hand, we are the regional referral center for pediatrics, trusted by parents and fellow providers alike to offer the most advanced pediatric technology, training, and care. On the other, we are the safety net provider for the children of our region, assuming the financial responsibility of caring for all children, knowing that we will never be fully reimbursed for many of the services we provide.

In this section of our website, we give you a closer look at some of the ways CHKD benefits our community and improves the quality of life in our region by assessing pediatric healthcare needs, caring for children, supporting parents, collaborating with others and educating pediatric caregivers.

The programs and activities described here also meet at least one of the following goals: improving access to care, enhancing public health, advancing knowledge or relieving government burden.

    (757) 668-7000

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