News Release

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Contact: Greg Raver-Lampman
(757) 668-7554

Governor McDonnell to propose $1 million increase for CHKD

RICHMOND – Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today that he will propose to increase funding for the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD) in Norfolk by $1 million.

The state funding will draw down an additional federal match so that CHKD will receive a total of approximately $2 million in new funds. The budget amendment will enhance funding for freestanding children’s hospitals with a Medicaid utilization greater than 50 percent.

“The governor's continued support of CHKD is a testament to his abiding concern for the health and care of our Commonwealth's children,” said CHKD President and CEO Jim Dahling. “The governor's action on behalf of CHKD means that Virginia's only freestanding hospital dedicated exclusively to children can continue to fulfill its mission.”

CHKD treats a much higher percentage of children on Medicaid than any other hospital in the state. Medicaid clients account for nearly 60 percent of the hospital’s business. During the 2010 general assembly session, McDonnell successfully proposed a $1.8 million budget amendment to restore state funding for CHKD’s neonatal intensive care unit.

“During my time as a Delegate, I saw firsthand the great work being done at CHKD,” McDonnell said about the amendment. “The services provided by the hospital to children in the Hampton Roads region are vital. This hospital sees a much larger percentage of children on Medicaid than any other hospital in the state. The children that come through their doors are the most vulnerable, placing this hospital in a pivotal role in ensuring young people get the medical treatment and care they need. It is essential that we continue to provide adequate funding for the CHKD so that they are able to continue to provide excellent care for the children they treat.”

Sen. Yvonne B. Miller (D-Norfolk) added, “I am pleased that Governor McDonnell has recognized the need for the care provided by CHKD to the Hampton Roads community. Every year more children on Medicaid come to the hospital for medical treatment than any other hospital in the state. The increased funding for the children’s safety net will prove invaluable in the long term as CHKD is able to continue to provide much needed services.”

Del. Bob Tata (R-Virginia Beach) noted, "This investment by Gov. McDonnell will ensure that CHKD can continue caring for the thousands of children needing their care. As the hospital with the highest Medicaid utilization of any hospital in Virginia, they are disproportionately affected by reductions to the program. CHKD is a critical part of the Hampton Roads community and we appreciate the governor's recognition of their unique and critical services."

Dahling praised McDonnell for his efforts to understand the special role of CHKD.

“It is a privilege to work collaboratively with a leader and advocate like Gov. McDonnell who seeks to safeguard the future of an institution whose mission it is to safeguard the health of our youth,” Dahling said.