Financial Assistance

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CHKD provides medical care to every child who needs it, regardless of the family’s financial situation. For families who don’t have health insurance or the resources to pay for our medical services, CHKD’s health benefits analysts can help determine eligibility for government insurance such as Medicaid.

How to Apply

Financial assistance is limited to residents of the region who have valid legal presence in the United States.

To apply, fill out this typeable PDF. Be sure to sign and date your application, then submit the completed application via mail, fax or email.

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Patient Financial Services – HBA
601 Children’s Lane
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: 757.668.7141
FAX: 757.668.9181 

Our health benefits analysts will let you know if discounted or free care is an option, based on the federal poverty guidelines for income and family size as illustrated in the chart below. 

CHKD’s Guidelines for Financial Assistance*

Number of Adults and Children in Family

Percent Reduction of CHKD Charges Based on Income
       1Income up to $20,422 Income up to $29,174 Income up to $37,927 Income up to $46,680
       2Income up to $27,527Income up to $39,324Income up to $51,122Income up to $62,920
       3Income up to $34,632Income up to $49,474Income up to $64,317Income up to $79,160
       4Income up to $41,737Income up to $59,624Income up to $77,512Income up to $95,400
       5Income up to $48,842Income up to $69,774Income up to $90,707 Income up to $111,640

 *Chart uses 2014 federal poverty guidelines. For future poverty guidelines, visit

Assets include, but are not limited to, primary residence, rental property, securities, bank deposits, business assets and investments.

(757) 668-7141

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