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CHKD Sports Med_Williams_Sports and Cramps_Small Posted By: CHKD Sports Medicine
Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Exercise-associated Muscle Cramps

Most athletes have experienced the excruciating pain of a muscle cramp, and as with most injuries, prevention is much easier than the alternative. Read full post>>

Legner_Substance Abuse and Athletes_Small Posted By: CHKD Sports Medicine
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Substance Abuse in Student Athletes

Drug abuse occurs for many reasons, across many levels of sports participation. Know the signs and symptoms of substance abuse in athletes. Read full post>>

Basketball player small Posted By: CHKD Sports Medicine
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NBA and USA Basketball Release Youth Participation Guidelines

Dr. Joel Brenner of Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters helped draft youth basketball participation guidelines. Read full post>>

Brenner_Sports Specialization_Small Posted By: Joel Brenner, M.D.
Friday, September 02, 2016

Sports Specialization May Do More Harm Than Good

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that sports specialization at early ages can be harmful and lead to burnout in a report authored by CHKD's Dr. Joel Brenner. Read full post>>

Sports Med_Soccer Exercises_Small Posted By: CHKD Sports Medicine
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Soccer Specific Functional Return to Sport Exercises

As sports medicine physical therapists, we strive to return youth athletes to full participation in sports and recreational activities. We build strength, endurance, and improve balance, mobility, and neuromuscular control in order to return them safely to the field and reduce the risk of future injury. Read full post>>

CHKD Sports Med_Plantar Fasciitis_Small Posted By: CHKD Sports Medicine
Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Recognize Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot injuries experienced by runners and many athletes in general. It can become a debilitating injury if it is not treated in a timely manner, but it can be easily managed and possibly even prevented. Read full post>>