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CHKD nurses provide specialized pediatric care throughout the hospital. Nurses are vital members of our care teams, coordinating treatments, advocating for patients, and supporting families. Each unit in the hospital offers unique opportunities for nurses to use their skills to help children grow and heal.

About Our Inpatient Units

General care unit (7C). From children with diabetes to those who are having orthopedic surgery, the nurses on 7C provide a range of care designed just for kids. Nurses on this unit are able to assess and meet the unique needs of each patient, no matter the diagnosis.

Hematology/oncology unit (8B).The nurses on the hemotology/oncology unit care for children with cancer or blood disorders who require inpatient treatment or hospitalization. These nurses often develop long-lasting relationships with families fighting cancer, offering comprehensive support for the challenges each family faces.

Monitored bed unit (8C). Nurses on the monitored bed unit see children with many diagnoses who may need special equipment. These nurses strive to help children and families feel at home while closely monitoring children’s health. 

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and neonatal stepdown unit. Over 500 of our smallest patients receive care from compassionate nurses in the NICU and neonatal stepdown unit each year. These nurses give intensive, life-saving care for children who are born prematurely, are underweight or have serious birth defects.

Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Critical care nurses provide support to children and families during extremely stressful times. They deliver comprehensive care to children who are facing life-threatening conditions or injuries. These nurses strive to help children heal as well as keep them comfortable.

Transitional care unit (7). Nurses on transitional care unit care for children who have require or have required a ventilator. The goal of nurses on this unit is to help children make the transition from the hospital to home-based care.

Inpatient rehabilitation unit (7B). As the only pediatric inpatient rehabilitation unit in Virginia, 7B offers children a unique environment to rebuild strength and regain skills. Nurses on this unit are specialized in caring for young rehabilitation patients and coordinate care for patients while they are in the hospital and as they transition home.

Emergency care. Emergency department nurses triage patients, treating immediate needs and coordinating the flow of children through the emergency center. These nurses make important, fast decisions with the goal of helping every child get the care they need when they need it. 

(757) 668-7128

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