Phones Off

Classroom Protocol

(757) 668-7128
The following information will help you plan for your comfort needs during the orientation program and sessions.

Classroom Decorum and Comforts

It is difficult to regulate the temperature in the auditorium/classroom for all preferences. It is recommended that you dress in layers or bring a sweater or light jacket with you each day.

  • Cellular phones must be OFF during all classes and sessions. They may be used in the classroom during breaks and mealtimes.
  • Beepers/pagers should be in “silent” mode during the program.
  • For outside calls in the Brickhouse Auditorium location, dial “9” to get an outside line followed by the 7-digit local number. For CHKD calls while in our hospital building, dial “8” followed by the 4-digit extension/last 4 digits of the phone number.
  • Restrooms are located outside the auditorium entrance on the 2nd floor of the Brickhouse Auditorium. At our CHKD 6th-floor location, restrooms are located by the visitor elevators.
  • Coffee, tea, water and ice will be provided each day. Light refreshments will also be provided.
  • A small refrigerator and microwave are available in the classroom (Wednesday and Thursday) for use by participants.
  • Dress code for orientation program is business casual—refer to the dress code located in the employee handbook. No shorts or jeans are permitted. You may wear scrubs or uniforms to class, if desired.
Where Orientation Takes Place
(757) 668-7128