Specialists & Surgeons Phone Directory

(757) 668-9999

Download and print CHKD's phone directory of specialists and surgeons.

CHKD's Transfer Center is open 24/7 to assist with the transfer, transport and urgent admission of patients to our:

  • Trauma Service
  • Emergency Department
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • General Pediatric Inpatient Units

Call (757) 668-8000 or call our toll-free number at (844) 480-8000 to reach our Transfer Center. The Transfer Center also facilitates provider communications for after-hours referrals to our Emergency Department. For physician-to-physician consults that do not involve transfer, transport or urgent admissions, call CHKD Doctors Direct at (757) 668-9999 or (800) 207-2022.


Adolescent Medicine (Gynecology) (757) 668-9330

Mariel Focseneanu, MD

Allergy/Immunology (757) 668-8255

Angela Hogan, MD
Cynthia Kelly, MD
Kelly Maples, MD
Maripaz Morales, MD 
Lauren Smith, MD

Allergy & Asthma Specialists (757) 481-4383

Craig Koenig, MD
Gary Moss, MD
Gregory Pendell, MD

Asthma & Allergy Clinic (757) 539-7771

John Sweeney, MD

Anesthesiology (757) 668-7320

David Blakey, MD  
Ronald Brodsky, MD 
Daniel Carvallo, MD
Matthew Cecchini, MD 
Destiny Chau, MD 
Steven DeFreitas, MD 
Liana Hosu, MD 
Justin John, MD  
Valbona Kanarek, MD 
Christopher Karsanac, MD 
Cynthia Keene, MD
Jessica Kell, MD   
Matthias Koenig, MD 
Andrea Martineau, MD
William Petersen, MD 
Mark Polak, DO  
Amelia Randall, MD
Miriam Schoepf, MD 
Jeffrey Schubert, DO 
Thomas Shackleford, DO  
Amy Wilborn, MD

Behavioral Pediatrics (757) 668-8866

Peter Dozier, MD
Diana Schofield, PsyD

Cardiac Anesthesia (757) 668-8850

Daniel Carvallo, MD  
Destiny Chau, MD  
Cynthia Keene, MD

Cardiology (757) 668-7214

Rose Cummings, DO
Alexander Ellis, MD
Robert Escalera, MD
Jonathan Fleenor, MD
Lopa Hartke, MD
John Reed, MD  
Elliot Tucker, MD 
Michael Vance, MD

Child Abuse Pediatrics (757) 668-6100

Michelle Clayton, MD
Suzanne Starling, MD

Critical Care (757) 668-7331

Meaghan Barnett, MD
Thomas Cholis, III, MD
Christopher Foley, MD
Robert Gomez, MD 
Lara Mamikonian, M   
Chie-Youn Shih, MD

Dermatology (757) 668-8922

Julia Burden, MD
Judith Williams, MD

Developmental Pediatrics (757) 668-7473

Frank Aiello, III, MD  
Christine Houlihan, MD  
Amy Newmeyer, MD
Janice Keener, PsyD
Lynn Page, PhD

Emergency Medicine (757) 668-9247

Omar Blanco, MD 
James Burhop, MD 
Joel Clingenpeel, MD   
Jennifer Galiotos, MD
Sandip Godambe, MD   
Theresa Guins, MD    
Kristin Herbert, MD  
Andrea Hornbuckle, MD
Michelle Hughes, MD  
Rupa Kapoor, MD
Connie Ketten, MD  
Jon Mason, MD  
Jill Miller, MD  
Stephen Miller III, MD
Paul Mullan, MD 
Alison Onaha, MD 
Kelli Petronis, MD  
Michael Poirier, MD  
Faiqi Qureshi, MD  
Dana Ramirez, MD    
Suzanne Sartori, MD
James Schmidt, MD  
Kim Schock, MD
Gretchen Stepanovich, MD
Kelly Vokoun, MD
Nicholas White, MD 

Endocrinology (757) 668-7237

Ayanna Butler-Cephas, MD   
Eric Gyuricsko, MD  
Kent Reifschneider, MD  
Reuben Rohn, MD  
Melissa Russell, MD  
Marta Satin-Smith, MD

Gastroenterology (757) 668-7240

Rana Ammoury, MD
Orhan Atay, MD  
Candice Gabriel, MD
Michael Konikoff, MD  
Sameer Lapsia, MD   
Marc Tsou, MD  
Lauren Willis, MD  
Nancy Yokois, MD

Hematology / Oncology (757) 668-7243

Raven Cooksey, MD   
Wilson File, MD   
Eric Lowe, MD
William Owen, MD   
Linda Pegram, MD  
Eric Werner, MD  
Gary Woods, MD

Hospital Medicine (757) 668-8177

Sanaz Devlin, MD  
Rianna Leazer, MD  
Bryan Fine, MD  
Cyrus Heydarian, MD  
Stephanie Deveau-Rosen, MD  
Kyrie Shomaker, MD  

Infectious Disease (757) 668-7238

Kenji Cunnion, MD  
Randall Fisher, MD  
Laura Sass, MD

Medical Genetics and Metabolism (757) 668-9723

Samantha Vergano, MD

Neonatology (757) 668-7456

Rachel Armentrout, MD  
William Bass, MD  
Deborah Devendorf, MD  
Susannah Dillender, MD  
C.W. Gowen, Jr., MD  
Glen Green, MD  
Gary Karlowicz, MD  
Edward Karotkin, MD 
Jamil Khan, MD 
Kirk Sallas, MD 
Tushar Shah, MD  
Brett Siegfried, MD  
Kenneth Tiffany, MD

Nephrology (757) 668-7244

Bryan Carmody, MD   
Reem Raafat, MD  
Irene Restaino, MD

Neurology (757) 668-9920

Sarah Chagnon, MD
Matthew Frank, MD

Ralph Northam, MD
Crystal Proud, MD
Dayna Perkowski, MD
Michael Strunc, MD
Svinder Toor, MD  
Larry White, MD

Pathology (757) 668-7275

Maria Aguiar, MD  
Deborah Schofield, MD  
Alice Werner, MD

Physical and Rehab Medicine (757) 668-9915

Charles Dillard, MD
Katrina Lesher, MD

Psychology (757) 668-7247

Nadia Wasylyshyn, PhD

Pulmonology (757) 668-7426

Jose Chocano, MD  
Shana Crabtree, MD  
Cynthia Epstein, MD  
Lori Vanscoy, MD   

Radiology (757) 668-7250

Wendy Brown, MD
John Conery, MD  
Susanne Grasso, MD  
David Kushner, MD  
Jennifer Rush, DO

Rheumatology (757) 668-8572

Christos Gabriel, MD  
Matthew Hollander, MD

Sleep Medicine (757) 668-9466

Michael Strunc, MD 
Cristina Baldassari, MD

Sports Medicine (757) 668-7529

Joel Brenner, MD
Aisha Joyce, MD
David Smith, MD


Cardiac Surgery (757) 668-8850

James Gangemi, MD
Felix Tsai, MD

Neurosurgery (757) 668-7990

John Birknes, MD 
Joseph Dilustro, MD  


Medical and Surgical Eye Specialists (757) 461-7974

Shakur Hamidi-Toosi, MD

Virginia Ophthalmology Associates (757) 461-1444

Giovanni Disandro, MD
Joel Lall-Trail, MD  

Virginia Pediatric Eye Center (757) 461-0050

Earl Crouch, Jr., MD 
Eric Crouch, MD

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine (757) 668-6550

Marc Cardelia, MD 
Allison Crepeau, MD 
Cara Novick, MD 
Sheldon St. Clair, MD  
Carl St. Remy, MD 
Jeremy Saller, MD 
Allison Tenfelde, MD


CHKD ENT (757) 668-9373

Cristina Baldassari, MD 
David Darrow, MD 
Craig Derkay, MD 
Stephanie Moody-Antonio, MD 
Travis Reeves, MD

ENT, LTD (757) 623-0526

Brian Deutsch, MD 
David Dorofi, MD 
Jeffrey Hood, MD 
John Kalafsky, MD 
Michael Shroyer, MD

EVMS ENT (757) 668-9327

Matthew Bak, MD 
Eric Dobratz, MD 
Joseph Han, MD 
Daniel Karakla, MD 
Ashley Schroeder, MD  
John Sinacori, MD  
Barry Strasnick, MD  
Vivian Wu, MD

Plastic Surgery (757) 668-7713

George Hoerr, MD
Jesus (Jegit) Inciong, MD

Magee Rosenblum Plastic Surgery (757) 627-6700

Richard Rosenblum, MD

Surgery/General (757) 668-7703

Frazier Frantz, MD 
Robert Kelly, MD
Ann Kuhn, MD 
Margaret McGuire, MD
Robert Obermeyer, MD

Urology (757) 668-7878

Charles Horton, MD 
Jyoti Upadhyay, MD 
Louis Wojcik, MD

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive of physicians providing pediatric services at CHKD. It is designed to identify physicians who have principal offices or clinics located at CHKD facilities or who perform specialized procedures at CHKD facilities. There are other qualified pediatric professionals on our medical staff with offices in the community. Their phone numbers are listed in the community telephone directory or they can be reached by calling CHKD’s Doctors Direct line.

(757) 668-9999

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