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Reggie Tyler, 6 years
Kidney Transplant

When Renita Hall-Tyler was 15 weeks pregnant, a routine ultrasound showed that her fetus had a massively oversized bladder, often a sign of a lack of kidneys. When her son, Reggie, was born, it turned out that he did, in fact, have kidneys, although they were severely damaged and barely functioning. Over the first two years of his life, Reggie had multiple surgeries to increase the capacity of his bladder and to protect his delicate kidneys.

During his surgeries and follow-up appointments, Renita took Reggie to the closest hospital in Richmond, but she was never satisfied with the explanations of Reggie’s kidney doctor. About a year after Reggie’s birth, she sought a second opinion and made the long drive to CHKD. Dr. Irene Restaino, a CHKD nephrologist, fit Reggie in despite a packed schedule.

“Just sitting down with Dr. Restaino on that first visit, I learned so much I didn’t know,” Renita said. In addition to that, everyone on the staff seemed to be warm and accommodating. “It amazes me when I walk through the door at CHKD how everyone is so loving and friendly,” Renita said.

By 2010, it became clear to Dr. Restaino and the Tylers that Reggie, now 6 years old, would need a kidney transplant. His mother matched, and in August she donated a kidney to her son.

Throughout the process, CHKD staffers not only treated the Tylers “like family,” they shared essential medical information that made them feel as if they were part of the treatment team.

Today, Reggie is thriving.

“He’s my love bug,” says Renita. “He’s happy, outgoing, very loveable. Wherever he goes, he’s always got a smile on his face.”

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