Monitored Bed Unit: 8C

CHKD’s Monitored Bed Unit, 8C, a 20-bed unit, care for patients ranging in age from newborn to 21 with acute medical and/or surgical needs requiring high visibility or cardiac monitoring. A multi-disciplinary team approach provides family-centered care to meet the physical, emotional, social, developmental and educational needs of patients and their families. While the Monitored Bed Unit staff strives to create an atmosphere of compassionate and expert care to patients with all different diagnoses, this staff is recognized as the inpatient hospital nursing specialists for the following:

    Patients with cardiovascular disorders: In collaboration with a team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, nurses provide care and education for cardiac patients and their families from diagnosis to post-intervention.

    Patients with neurological problems: Many common and complex neurological disorders are managed at CHKD by a team of trained professionals. Patients requiring ventricular shunt placement and management, post-operative care of kids with anomalous vasculature, and implantable pumps and stimulators, and seizure control are a few examples of the challenging work done on 8C.

    Patients with respiratory diseases: Respiratory ailments are a common diagnosis among pediatrics patients, and on the Monitored Bed Unit, the staff is fully prepared to attend to these patients. Children with tracheotomies receive continual close observation in the patient bed pod, with glass walls providing unrestricted visibility.

    Patient with renal disease: CHKD has a busy renal service, including a “just for kids” Hemodialysis Unit. When these patients require hospitalization, the staff understands the unique monitoring services needed to carefully observe these often fragile patients, and to respond quickly to their special needs.

While tackling the challenging and varied diagnoses of each patient, the Monitored Bed Unit staff encourages and supports the family while involving them with all aspects of their child’s care. The unit’s kid-friendly environment is ideal for this important aspect of care, with age-appropriate décor, treatment rooms, and activity rooms (staffed by child life therapists). It also provides a welcome workplace that the staff is proud to call their own. Under strong leadership support, and exceptional educational guidance, the 8C staff continues to grow and thrive using the latest in evidence-based care. Experienced preceptors provide a nurturing environment in which new staff nurses learn appropriate pediatric nursing skills.

Consider joining this remarkable team of nurses, and receive an individualized and competency-based orientation, lasting up to 12 weeks. Bedside and classroom learning models are made available to all new staff. A “just for you” career at CHKD is waiting for you.