Nursing at CHKD

Education Programs

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Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters offers a variety of educational resources and opportunities for nurses to enhance their pediatric and professional development.


Personnel and multi-media learning resources are available to support the ongoing educational needs of clinical personnel at CHKD.

Department-Based Clinical Practice & Education Specialists

Advanced practice nurses provide resources, programs and support to enhance nurse competence and nursing practice in their designated departments.

Health Science Libraries

Employees have access to two health science libraries within the medical center campus with an abundance of clinical information and literature. Learning resources are also located in each department for staff reference.


The CHKD Health System intranet offers links to a variety of Web sites and online tools for clinical resource information. Computer access is available in all clinical departments.

Patient/Family Education Resources

Nurses have access to Healthy Facts Way to Grow handouts (internally produced teaching materials for CHKD patients) and two computerized databases for clinical teaching materials.

Newsletters & Publications

There are a number of clinically oriented newsletters and publications that address educational topics. The following are also available on KDnet:

  • Way to Know addresses a variety of clinical and professional topics.
  • Pacesetters highlights policy changes and new clinical practices.
  • Growing with Us provides age-specific content on a variety of clinical topics.

Nursing Education Programs

CHKD conducts many educational programs on clinical and professional topics. An education calendar and a catalog are published annually to outline these activities. Examples of these programs include:

  • Clinical Orientation Program
  • Pre-arrest: Critical Decisions Course
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)
  • Building Excellence in Pediatric Nursing Care
  • Central Venous Line Management Course
  • Parent CPR & Safety Awareness Course
  • Chemotherapy Administration Course
  • Pediatric Burn Care Course
  • Preceptor Preparation Program
  • Charge Nurse Development Program
  • Nursing Leadership Development Program
  • Nursing Grand Rounds
  • Department-Specific Programs