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CHKD's 8-bed Short-Term Procedure Unit (STPU) was created to meet the unique needs of children who need close nursing supervision during a medical procedure.

Some of the children treated are outpatients who come to us for a day or part of a day.

Our patients have a wide variety of conditions, and even though their stays with us are short, we want them to be as comfortable as possible. Most of the information you need to know about CHKD and its services and programs are covered elsewhere on this website. In this section, we'll try to answer any specific questions you have about this unit.

What Conditions do you Treat?

We care for children with a variety of conditions including, gastrointestinal disorders, sickle cell disease and other blood disorders, lupus and endocrine. Some patients in our unit don't have a diagnosis yet; they're at CHKD for tests that will help doctors diagnose their illnesses. The STPU may provide post-operative care for children who need a little extra time before they go home after surgery.

What Services do you Offer?

Among the most frequent procedures we perform at the STPU are infusions, pH probe insertions, growth hormone and glucose intolerance tests.

What are Your Hours?

Hours of operation vary based on our patients' needs. Basic hours are 6:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The unit is closed on most major holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Do I Need a Referral to Make an Appointment?

Referrals to the unit are made through the hospital clinics and physicians who have privileges at CHKD. Staff from the referring clinic will schedule your appointment with STPU.

Who Will Care for My Child?

The STPU is staffed by registered nurses, who may be supported by nursing assistants (called Clinician Is). A child life specialist is also available to help children who have to be in bed for tests and procedures stay occupied and relaxed.

Your child may see a doctor as well in the STPU. Sometimes this will be the same doctor who referred your child to our unit, but it may also be another doctor who works in the same practice, or a different specialist who's working with your child's doctor for this specific procedure. All of the medical technicians who draw blood and do x-rays are specially trained to work with children.

Does Your Staff have Special Training?

All of the RNs in the STPU have special certifications in areas such as chemotherapy and pediatric advanced life support.

Can I Care for My Child Myself as I Do at Home?

Please be sure to check with the nurse before you give your child any food; your doctor may have ordered special dietary instructions.

What if I Need to Leave My Child for a Few Minutes?

If you leave your child's bedside, please pull up your child's bed rails and let your nurse know you are leaving.

Where Can I Get Something to Eat?

Meals are provided for patients. Parents may eat in the KD Café, order through our dietary services, or visit our vending areas on the first and fourth floors.

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