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Nuss Center

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Welcome to the Nuss Center, Home of the Nuss Procedure. If your child has been diagnosed with pectus excavatum or funnel chest, pectus carinatum, or any other chest deformity, turn to the world-renowned experts at CHKD, trusted by the parents of thousands of patients.

A Leader in Chest Wall Reconstruction

As Home of the Nuss Procedure, CHKD has been treating chest wall conditions for almost 30 years.

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The New Nuss Center

The new Nuss Center, which opened in June 2016, offers additional and larger exam rooms to accommodate more patients. The rooms are large enough to allow family to be together comfortably during a visit. The center also has space for patients and family to meet one-on-one with the surgery scheduler.

At CHKD, your child will have access to our team of pediatric surgeons, nurses and medical specialists who pioneered the Nuss Procedure, now considered the gold standard for the surgical treatment of pectus excavatum. Thousands of parents have trusted their children’s care to CHKD.

CHKD has performed more pectus excavatum surgeries than any facility in the United States and remains a major training site for surgeons and a center for research on chest wall deformities.

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(757) 668-7703

Dr. Donald Nuss, creator of the Nuss Procedure

U.S. News and World Report sat down with Dr. Donald Nuss (pictured) to discuss his revolutionary method of correcting pectus excavatum.

Spanish-speaking patients

Contact us in Spanish, En Espanollunes a viernes entre las 8:00 a.m. y las 4:30 p.m. at (757) 668-9323

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