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CHKD will proudly host the Advanced Pectus Course March 26-27, 2015, offering live pectus surgery and lectures on non-invasive and surgical-treatment options for pectus excavatum in complex and adult patients.

 Advanced Pectus Course, March 26-27, 2015, Norfolk, VA

CHKD has been treating pectus deformities for the last 27 years, resulting in over 1,800 surgeries and more than 3,800 patient evaluations. CHKD’S pectus program is home to national and international referrals due to the complexity of pectus conditions. To learn more about CHKD’s pectus program, call us at (757) 668-6877 to speak with our pectus program coordinator or click here to read about our pectus program.

To obtain additional information about the Advanced Pectus Course, please contact practice manager Stacey Bell by email or call her at (757) 668-9646. Or you can email or call (757) 668-6877 (NUSS).

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(757) 668-7703

What is pectus excavatum?