Nuss Procedure Patient Stories

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The Nuss Procedure can open doorways to success for its patients. Here are a few of our stories of patients and how having the Nuss Procedure changed their lives.
Tim Melville

Major League Pectus

Tim Melville, a member of the Cincinnati Reds, remembers the Nuss Surgery at CHKD that allowed his natural athletic ability to flourish. He had the procedure when he was 10. When he was 18, the Kansas City Royals drafted him.

Eileen Boyle

Raising the Bar

When Eileen Boyle dances, her moves are breathtaking. These days, the native of Charlottesville is studying dance at the prestigious dance training program with the Joffrey Ballet in New York, thanks in part to the Nuss Procedure.

Elizabeth Hickey

It's All in the Family

All three Hickey children have had the Nuss Procedure. And Elizabeth Hickey, shown with her brother, went on to become a three-time All-American basketball player at the University of Mary Washington.

Emily Padgett

Diving Dynamo

Emily Padgett had the Nuss Procedure when she was 13 and went on to compete as a Junior Olympian. Her twisting and turning and somersaults were helped by the ground-breaking procedure that CHKD launched.

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Eileen Boyle, Nuss Procedure Patient