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If your child has been diagnosed with cancer, turn to CHKD's cancer and blood disorders program. Here, pediatric oncologists along with clinical experts will work together to deliver the very best care to your child.

CHKD's Cancer and Blood Disorders Program is a regional and national leader in the treatment of children with cancer, sickle cell disease, coagulation disorders and general blood disorders.

We understand that if your child has been diagnosed with cancer, it can be a scary and overwhelming time for everyone. At CHKD, you will have a dedicated team of pediatric oncologists, specialty nurses and other healthcare professionals who will help you and your family coordinate the care your child needs and provide a safe and supportive environment before, during and after treatment.

Treating cancer in children differs significantly from how you treat an adult. The pediatric oncology specialists at CHKD will bring you and your family the most advanced cancer treatments for children.

Our Cancer and Blood Disorders Program is designed to provide specialized and coordinated care throughout your child's treatment. Today, the survival rate for children with cancer is very high, depending upon how early it is diagnosed, your child's overall health and the type of cancer. That means there is hope and at CHKD, our team of specialists will be there to offer the best care possible.

Hematology/Oncology Inpatient Unit

Part of our program is a dedicated Inpatient Unit designed to treat your child if he or she is:

Children who may require a peripheral blood stem cell transplant is also provided on this unit. This treatment allows for larger does of chemotherapy to be given, followed by a re-infusion of the stem cell to speed patient recovery.

Our team of professionals including physicians, nurses, education coordinators, pharmacists, child life therapists, chaplains, nutritionists, social workers, discharge planners, physical therapists, teachers, clinicians and others are there to help you and your family understand the treatments and learn how to manage care once your child is discharged.

Outpatient Unit

Warmly decorated, our Outpatient Unit is designed to make you and your family as comfortable as possible during treatments. Our clinic includes 12 exam rooms,  five treatment bays, three isolation rooms, a general infusion and treatment area and two procedure rooms.

There is also a Resource Room that has Wi-Fi, a pharmacy and a child play area with toys, arts and crafts and video games so kids of all ages can play and try to relax during what can be long hours at the clinic.

Psychosocial Services

At CHKD, we provide services to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. These services include:

  • Child Life Specialists provide emotional and developmental services to help minimize the effects of being in the hospital and learning to cope better with their disease and treatments. Using play, learning, peer interaction and family involvement, they can help reduce feelings of anxiety, frustration and anger. They will also help you and your family maintain as much of your normal routines as possible.
  • Education Specialists are an important part of our multidisciplinary team. They will be a resource for you and your child to answer any questions, facilitate homebound placements, provide instructional sessions while your child is hospitalized or assist with the coordination of the school re-entry process.
  • Clinical Social Workers will create a supportive relationship with you and your family to help you cope with any psychosocial issues you may experience. Among their many services, they can conduct home visits, school visits, find support groups or refer you to community resources.
  • Chaplains at CHKD are available around the clock to provide spiritual counseling and comfort. Pastoral care is provided in the context of respecting your specific religious/cultural beliefs.
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