Clinical Programs

Clinical Programs

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The prognosis for childhood cancer continues to improve, and the chance of being cured continues to increase.

Treatment of pediatric cancer requires well-coordinated comprehensive care that accounts for children's unique physical and emotional needs. At CHKD, each patient has a board-certified pediatric hematology/oncology physician who oversees the multidisciplinary team necessary to provide the best possible outcome for every child.

Neuro-Oncology Clinic

The Neuro-Oncology Clinic provides comprehensive care for children with brain and spinal cord tumors in the outpatient setting. Our staff includes a neurologist, neurosurgeon, clinical social worker, educational consultant, endocrinologist, hematologist/oncologist, and neuro-oncology nurse coordinator.

Children requiring chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy after surgery are generally followed every three months in the neuro-oncology clinic, in addition to their weekly treatment visits. Once treatment has been completed, your child may return to the Clinic for follow-ups.

Blood and Marrow Transplantation

CHKD operates a Peripheral Stem Cell Transplant Program in conjunction with the American Red Cross. A peripheral stem cell transplant is a procedure where your child's own peripheral blood stem cells are collected and used to support them if they are receiving very high doses of chemotherapy. Additionally, the Program coordinates with other institutions when a child needs an allogenic (not their own stem cells) transplant. We then care for the children here at CHKD.

Palliative Care Program

Our Palliative Care Program is designed to help your child manage the symptoms of their disease as well as the many side effects that can be caused by certain treatments. Palliative care focuses on reducing your child's symptoms, improving their quality of life and supporting you and your family during the treatment process. Palliative care treatments can include medication, dietary changes, emotional support, meditation and others.

INTACT Long-term Follow-up Program

"INTACT" stands for INdividuals Thriving After Cancer Treatment. This Program provides direct clinical care, support, education, and long-term follow up services for children who have survived cancer. The Program is staffed by a team of specialists including physicians, nurses, an educational consultant, and a medical social worker.

Sickle Cell Program

Children with sickle cell disease are at an increased risk of health complications making early detection and treatment very important. Research has shown that children cared for in a comprehensive sickle cell center have fewer complications and a better quality of life. 

CHKD is home to a comprehensive Sickle Cell Program. Staffed by pediatric hematology physicians (doctors who treat blood disorders), nurse practitioners, trained nurse coordinators, social workers, an educational specialist, and a nutritionist, this multidisciplinary team will deliver highly specialized care to your child. Our program also includes:

  • Transfusion therapy
  • Comprehensive hydroxyurea therapy
  • Dedicated transition coordinator for patients transition to adult physicians
  • Specialized pain management
  • Comprehensive stroke clinic

Learn more about sickle cell disease.


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