Spine Program

Spine Program

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The spine program at CHKD is a regional leader in spine surgery and the preferred provider of quality children's spine services. Nearly two-thirds of the program's cases involve scoliosis.


CHKD prides itself on the service, quality and ultimately the outcomes of our patients, offering the best customer service and patient satisfaction through accessible, innovative and well-managed multidisciplinary care.;

We care for all ages, from newborn to young adults, and work with all types of spinal deformities and conditions, from congenital defects to indiopathic anomaly to early onset to trauma-induced.

What We Treat

  • Tumors
  • Infections
  • Trauma
  • Cervical spine instability

CHKD's Spine Team

Our spine team surgeons meet each week to discuss the coming surgical spine cases in order to reach best results. But collaboration doesn't begin and end there. CHKD's experts collaborate pre-operative, post-operative and with post-surgical therapy. And when a patient doesn't need surgery, there is also collaboration with conservative-care bracing.

We help to diagnose and treat over a thousand children and teens with spinal problems each year, performing approximately 150 spine surgeries every year. Roughly two-thirds of those surgeries are to correct scoliosis.

Our spine team begins with our office staff and includes a dedicated operating room team, orthopedic surgeons, a neurosurgeon, anesthesiologists, internists, floor nurses, physical therapists and other specialists as needed.

We are focused on quality and safety with multiple checklists and protocols to minimize pain, infections, blood loss and other complications, and to maximize outcomes.

Treatments and Techniques

Our surgical treatments and techniques cover a wide range of modern solutions, including:

Conservative care

  • Observation
  • Bracing
  • Physical therapy

Surgical options

  • Growth rods and VEPTR (vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs)
  • Casting
  • Spine fusion
  • Ponte osteotomies
  • Vetebral column resections
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CHKD's Scoliosis Program

Nearly two-thirds of CHKD's spine program surgical cases involve scoliosis. But not all scoliosis cases require surgery. Learn how CHKD can help your child with scoliosis.

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