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Young dancers are often plagued by injuries because of the frequent, intense and repetitive nature of their sport. Unfortunately, many young dancers have been conditioned to ignore early symptoms of injury. This mindset can often worsen injuries that could have been treated easily at the onset. CHKD's Dance Medicine Program will assess dancers, and when necessary, provide treatment to prevent serious injuries.

If a serious injury occurs, our comprehensive team can handle everything from the initial assessment and diagnostic testing to surgery and rehabilitation. Our dance medicine team includes Dr. Joel Brenner and Dr. Allison Crepeau, who have worked with dancers at all career levels, and a team of physical therapists with dance and Pilates experience.

A dance physical therapist is available to visit dance studios on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to identify injuries that need to be evaluated and treated. The CHKD dance medicine team is the official medical provider for several dance institutions, including Governors School for the Arts, Todd Rosenlieb Dance/Virginia Ballet Theatre and Ballet Virginia International

For an appointment with Dr. Brenner or Dr. Crepeau, please call 668-7529 (PLAY). For questions about our program or to request an on-site studio visit, please call us at (757) 668-2727.

Dance Services

Physical Therapy for Dancers

  • Requires physician prescription.
  • Dance-specific rehabilitation services are provided under the guidance of a sports medicine physical therapist specifically trained in dance medicine. 

Dance Conditioning: Pilates Mat Training
- $100 for 10 one-hour classes or $12 per class (drop in)

  • Improves posture, relaxation and stress management.
  • Prevents injury through increased core strength and body awareness.
  • Improves recovery after injury.

Dance Conditioning: Pilates Circuit Training
- $50 per one-hour session (private instruction)

  • Sessions utilize professional Pilates equipment and Pilates principles to build core strength, increase flexibility and improve body awareness. 

Injury Prevention: Pointe Readiness
- $50 per assessment

  • The functional testing of a dancer’s strength, flexibility and stability provides dancers and their instructors a detailed pointe readiness assessment.
  • Each assessment Includes a personalized home exercise program to address any deficits found.
  • Studios may arrange for these assessments to be done at their location.

Injury Prevention and Nutrition Clinic for Dancers
- $10 per dancer

  • These clinics are designed for any dancer, parent or coach interested in the latest information on injury prevention and nutrition in the field of dance. CHKD sports medicine experts will lead discussions on topics including proper nutrition for adolescent dancers, the latest research on prevention, evaluation and treatment of injuries and exercise prescriptions to prevent injury. 
  • Studios may arrange a private clinic at their location.

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For more information about dance services:
Contact Ashley deLalla, (757) 668-2732, ashley.delalla@CHKD.org

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