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It has been estimated that a competitive swimmer will take 1.32 million strokes per arm in a year. Proper mechanics of the shoulder help decrease the risk of shoulder injuries in young swimmers and can also improve speed and efficiency. CHKD's swim specialists are experienced in the evaluation, prevention and treatment of swimming related injuries.

Young swimmers are prone to injuries due to many factors. Fatigue, weakness, inflexibility or poor timing can lead to serious injury and even end a swimmer’s career. Identifying these factors can improve mechanics and avoid the possible risk of injury. 

If you’re concerned about an existing swimming injury in your child, call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY) for an appointment with Dr. David Smith, who heads our swimming program

Swim stroke analysis can help to identify technique errors that may be contributing to pain or poor performance. Using advanced in-pool analysis, a sports medicine physical therapist records multi-angle, high definition video of each swim stroke. The video is then analyzed using Dartfish movement analysis software. Frame-by-frame analysis allows the therapist to determine technique errors that may be contributing to pain or poor performance. 

Swim Stroke Analysis Package: $150

  • Includes video swim stroke analysis, results consultation and injury risk assessment. A DVD of the athlete’s swimming mechanics is provided along with an analysis of technique errors and guidance on how to make beneficial adaptations to achieve better swimming form.

A referral is not needed to schedule an appointment. The cost for the swim stroke analysis is typically not covered by insurance.

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Missy Fritz at (757) 668-2392 or email to Melissa.Fritz@CHKD.org.

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