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Health Library A to Z


  • Horseshoe Kidney
  • Detailed information on horseshoe kidney, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

  • Kawasaki Disease
  • The main threat from Kawasaki disease comes from its effect on the heart and blood vessels.

  • Keep Kids Safe During Yard Work
  • Power tools make yard work easier, from mowing the lawn to trimming the bushes. These tools, however, also pose a threat to children if precautions aren't taken.

  • Keep Kids Safe from Bugs
  • Many products seek to prevent bug bites, but products containing DEET (usually listed on labels as N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) are quite effective.

  • Keep Kids Safe in the Car
  • All 50 states have a combination of laws that require drivers to restrain children in car seats, booster seats, and seats belts. Specifics vary by state, based on the child's age and size.

  • Keratitis
  • Keratitis is an inflammation or infection of the cornea of the eye. It is a medical emergency because it can lead to blindness if not treated.

  • Kidney Transplantation in Children
  • Detailed information on kidney transplant, including why a kidney transplant is recommended, what is involved in kidney transplant surgery, and long-term outlook for a child after a kidney transplant

  • Kyphosis in Children
  • Detailed information on kyphosis, including cause, symptom, diagnosis, and treatment