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No matter what your child's age or stage of development, you can increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in parenting!

Below you'll find a list of pre-recorded webinars presented by CHKD experts that provide information on a variety of topics from basic child development to important health information. Additional links take you to web resources, podcasts or polls sponsored by national organizations dedicated to the health and well-being of children and families. 

For information specific to fathering, click on the Fatherhood Initiative link below.

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Pre-recorded Webinars and Other Helpful Links

No Drama Discipline with CHKD Parent Educator Michele Tryon

Family Fitness with CHKD Healthy You for Life Educator Jessica Estey

Summer Safety with CHKD Emergency Department Physician Dr. Theresa Guins

Squelching Sibling Squabbles with CHKD Parent Educator Michele Tryon

Toilet Training and Bedwetting with Dr. Jyoti Upadhyay

Mindful Parent/Connected Child with CHKD Parent Educator Michele Tryon 

What to do, When to Worry: Caring for Illness and Injury at Home with Dr. Diane Hemmingway

Successful Breastfeeding with Vicki Martin

The Importance of Immunizations with Dr. Douglas Mitchell

Positive Discipline for the Child with Special Needs with Dr. Janice Keener

Healthy Eating for the Holidays with Mary Jo Haney

Meal Planning on a Budget with Ellen Pelton

Preparing Your Child for a Doctor Visit with Shannon Hood and Traci Maye

Great Expectations - Infant

Great Expectations - Toddler

Great Expectations - Pre-school

Great Expectations - School-age

Great Expectations - Adolescents

Zero to Three Organization podcasts

Link to TEDxTC - Terrie Rose - From the Baby's Point Of View

Parenting Poll - State of Parenting

The Fatherhood Initiative

19 Videos from The Center for the Developing Child - Harvard University 

NPEN - Practically Perfect Parenting Positive Discipline Podcast 

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