Reading Your Bill

Health care bills can be very confusing. To help you better understand your hospital bill we have created a sample bill and a legend to explain each item on your bill. In order to view our sample bill you will need Adobe Reader.
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Sample Bill Legend

  1. Patient Name
  2. Account Number - The tracking number assigned within Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters to identify the patient and date of service. In most cases, a new account number is assigned at each visit.
  3. Statement date - The date the statement is generated by our patient accounting system.
  4. Amount due/Pay this amount - This is the patient responsibility portion which could be your copay, deductible or any amount your insurance company states is the patient’s responsibility. This bill is an illustration of bill where the patient has agreed to a monthly payment plan. The amount due is the current payment plan amount.
  5. Date of treatment - Date services were rendered.
  6. Description - Summary of charges for the visit by hospital department.
  7. Payments - Trigon - Trigon is the insurance carrier and this indicates the amount paid by the insurance company.
  8. C/A - (Trigon) C/A stands for "contractual allowance". This is a predetermined amount agreed upon by Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daugthers and Trigon (the insurance company) to cover the expenses of the services rendered. #7 and #8 equal the total amount paid by your insurance carrier.
  9. Private Payment - This represents the amount paid by the patient.
  10. Balance - This is the current account balance. This balance will change after a payment is posted to the account.
  11. Payment Plan - This section confirms your payment plan. This bill shows a monthly payment plan and the minimum payment due.
  12. Hours of operation and frequently requested telephone numbers.