CHKD offers limited valet services

CHKD offers limited valet services CHKD renovations are underway. Plans include major enhancements to our front entrance designed to improve patient drop-off, pedestrian traffic and visitor flow, along with a fresh and fun front lobby makeover. The main entrance to the hospital will remain open through the duration of the project.

Visitors to CHKD will find the following information helpful during the construction phase.

• A limited number of disabled parking spaces will remain open on Children’s Lane until the week of May 6.

• The temporary drop-off lane will be located in the current location of the handicap parking spaces on Olney Road and will include sidewalk closures. The sidewalk between the bus shelter on Olney Road and the lobby of CHKD will remain closed during the construction of the temporary drop-off lane.

• CHKD will offer limited valet service for patient families. The service is free of charge and available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

• Vehicles displaying valid DMV-issued disabled parking permits (hang tags, license plates, etc.) will be eligible for the valet service as will oversized vehicles that cannot fit into the visitor parking garage.

• Additional parking spaces will be designated for vehicles with disabled parking permits in the visitor parking garage located on Wagner Road between Fairfax Avenue and Olney Road.

• Traffic on Children's Lane between Olney Road and Fairfax Avenue will be one-way in the direction towards Fairfax Avenue.

• In addition, the HRT bus stop will be relocated to the end of Children's Lane near Fairfax Avenue.

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