Child Life Services

Child Life with Patient

Kids need more than medicine to get well.

Being sick or hospitalized is difficult for children. In addition to the physical discomfort of illness, they may feel frightened, confused and overwhelmed.

Our Child Life Specialists work with patients and families to help children feel more comfortable and more in control of their hospital stay.

Child Life Specialists help reduce the patients' and families' anxiety and adjust to the hospital experience. Through the use of age-appropriate interventions, they help children understand their illnesses and medical procedures and develop positive coping skills.

Child Life Assistants encourage play for patients as they learn about their world and how to cope with new experiences. Through play, children can express their feelings and gain a sense of control.

Services we provide

  • Family support to help adjust to the hospital
  • Medical play to become more familiar with the medical equipment and procedures, and encourage expression of feelings
  • Sibling visits to help brothers and sisters understand why their sibling is in the hospital
  • Coordination of special celebrations such as birthdays and holidays
  • Activities to help bridge the gap between home and the hospital
  • Psychological preparation and pre-op tours to help patients and siblings understand and cope with healthcare experiences
  • Emotional support and coping techniques, such as guided imagery, deep breathing and diversion
  • Activity room and bedside programming to promote normalization to the hospital experience, peer interaction and independence
  • Starbright World, a secure online service, allows children to connect with friends with similar interests or medical conditions. They can chat, e-mail, participate in fun events and contests and play games.

Connecting with the Community

Child Life has another very important role as liaisons between groups in our community and our patients. They coordinate celebrity and community-group visits and accept gifts of appropriate toys, craft supplies, video games and DVDs. If you are interested in scheduling a visit to CHKD, please read the informational packet. Due to security purposes, all visit requests must be made one month in advance.

To make a donation, view our wish list, or learn more about community group opportunities, visit donating to child life.

For individuals interested in becoming a hospital volunteer, call volunteer services at (757) 668-7195 or visit volunteer opportunities for information on becoming a Child Life volunteer.