Community Outreach

Sam Fabian, Community Outreach Manager
Sam Fabian, Program Manager
Michele Tryon, Community Outreach Coordinator
Michele Tryon,  Coordinator

CHKD School Partnerships

We are proud to be Partners in Education with the following Virginia Beach City Schools/Programs:

*CHKD received the 2010 Model Partnership Award from Virginia Beach City Schools and the 2010 Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Services Outstanding Business Industry Award.

School-Based Programs

CHKD On Tour: A free school-based program for 1st graders

CHKD staff will come to your school to present a 40-minute program designed specifically for first graders to demonstrate what to expect if they ever need to visit the emergency room or are admitted to the hospital. This program helps to reduce the fear and anxiety children may experience when visiting a medical facility. Click here for more information about CHKD on Tour.

Steps to Fitness

CHKD is offering a new pilot program, Kohl’s Cares for Kids Steps to Fitness Project. Two school districts have been identified to participate in our essay and proposal writing contest for 5th grade students. The Steps to Fitness pilot is designed to enhance the well being of children and families by providing educational information and hands-on learning regarding personal and family fitness. 5th grade students and their teachers take on the role of learning and demonstrating family fitness concepts to their entire school body. All students involved receive the Steps to Fitness publication.

In addition, CHKD has teamed up with Quiet Riot a theater arts group from Pennsylvania, to present Steps to Fitness a 50 minute assembly program combining the hospital’s research in Children’s Health and the Quiet Riot’s unique entertainment style. For more information contact or call (757)-668-9304.