Healthy You for Life

Healthy You for Life

Health Classes

Health classes are offered to children with a BMI > 85th percentile who are ages 8 – 16. Now available on the Southside and Peninsula.

For Physicians

Do you have a patient that you would like to refer to our program? View our referral information and forms.

Meet A Participant

CHKD Healthy You for Life participant, Xyla King Xyla King, a 10-year-old Healthy You for Life participant featured recently on WVEC, spoke at the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Heart Association about how the program improved her life.

CHKD's Healthy You for Life program was developed in 2001 to help overweight children avoid the medical complications associated with childhood obesity.

Children who weigh more than they should risk serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Self-esteem and body image can also suffer. If your child struggles to maintain a healthy weight, CHKD's Healthy You for Life program can help.

The program involves both medical clinic visits with year-long follow-up and health classes.

With a physician's referral, your child can participate in our program, which involves consultations with a physician, registered dietitian, physical therapist, licensed clinical therapist and a registered nurse. Click here for more information on the clinic.

Parents and children will work together focusing on all aspects of weight management, including diet and food planning, physical activity and emotional support.