Healthy You for Life Program

Healthy You for Life Health Class

CHKD Healthy You for Life

This series is for children 8-16 who are interested in the fundamentals of nutrition, making healthy lifestyle choices, food portions, exercise options and behavioral modification and self-esteem issues. Lifestyle classes are offered on the southside and the peninsula throughout the year.

Before enrolling in the health clasees, children are assesed at the Healthy You for Life Clinic. A physician referral is necessary to qualify for an appointment. Referral forms may be downloaded off our website.

Offered to children 8 to 16 and their parents after initial clinic assesment.

These classes include:
  • Group setting in which the child and parent learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Opportunity to be with peers struggling with similar weight management concerns.
  • Fun and interactive learning experiences centered on choosing healthy foods and snacks and portion control.
  • Exercise demonstrations illustrating easy ways to incorporate physical activity into daily routines.
  • Discussions on self-esteem and body image.
  • Dietician guided supermarket tour to facilitate healthier food selection and preparation techniques.
  • Support, enthusiasm and hope from experts in the field and peer participants.
  • Partnership with the YMCA

Contact Us

For more informationm on classes, please contact Jessica Rodriguez, at (757) 668-7860 Monday through Friday or via e-mail at Space is limited and registration is required.

* Payments for health classes is an out of pocket expense not covered by insurance.