Healthy You for Life Weight Management Program

Meet the Team

Below each team member shares a tip for how they maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dominique Williams, MD

Dominique Williams, MD, Medical Director, Healthy You for Life

I chose to be a vegetarian and I try to park far away from the grocery store entrance.

Babs Benson

Babs Benson, RN, program manager

I walk, hike, bike, kayak and do yoga to stay fit along with eating a balanced diet.

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Rodriguez, community outreach coordinator

I walk my two Boston terriers, Beans and Frank every day. I take the stairs at work, hula hoop at home and do free weights at the gym. I also take a water bottle everywhere I go.

Jill Layne
Jill Layne, LCSW
My working-out routine includes hot yoga and running and I enjoy spending time with my family.

Trisha Belford Cohen

Trisha Belford-Cohen, LCSW (licensed clinical social worker)

I eat healthy 90% of the time. I work out 4-5 times a week by doing the elliptical and pilates. I also walk my dog daily, love to do stain glass and play with my grandkids.

Lynn Kistler

Lynn Kistler, MS, registered dietician

No matter where I am (eating out or on vacation), I find a way to get fruits and vegetables in. I like playing in the park with kids, walking or taking a yoga class.

Mary Jo Haney

Mary Jo Haney, outpatient dietician / registered dietician

To keep healthy I enjoy exercising - running, lifting weights and going to the Y and I plan two vegetables with every dinner.

Kira Davies

Kira Davies, sports medicine physical therapist

I enjoy running outdoors to stay in shape. I also love taking mixed martial arts group classes at the gym.


Joe Gill, exercise specialist

I work out several days a week and try to stay active as much as possible plus eat a balanced diet to keep me fit.

Ellen Pelton

Ellen Pelton, parent educator

I try to eat a veggie at every meal.

Regina Burkard

Regina Burkard, patient account tech providing administrative support

I enjoy gardening, walking, mowing the lawn and riding my bike to keep healthy.