Self-esteem Boosters

Trisha Belford-Cohen, LCSW, (right) meets with a Healthy You participant and her family.

The following is a simple, but effective list of suggestions to help develop decision making skills and to strengthen self-esteem

  1. I forgive myself. It is OK to make mistakes.
  2. I go easy on myself. I will learn from my mistakes.
  3. I ask for help when I need it, from people who I know will help me.
  4. I can laugh at myself. I will show others my sense of humor.
  5. I will remember that my thoughts are important; they are unique.
  6. My feelings are also important; there is no right or wrong feeling.
  7. I will believe in myself.
  8. I will trust myself.
  9. I have the right to make certain decisions, other decisions I will discuss with someone who is responsible.
  10. I honor myself.
  11. I treat myself with respect.
  12. I will be kind to myself.
  13. I no longer have to seek others approval.
  14. I will be a friend to myself.
  15. I am in good company when I am alone, because I am with me.
  16. I will try to meet life's challenges openly and positively.
  17. I will do a good deed.
  18. I will be sensitive to people with differences.
  19. I will remind myself about what I am grateful for in life.
  20. I will find time to dream, and put my dreams into reality.