Hematology and Oncology
Herbert Bevan, MD
Megan Burke, MD
Raven Cooksey, MD
Eric Lowe, MD
Melissa Mark, MD
William Owen, MD
Linda Pegram, MD
Anthony Villella, MD
Eric Werner, MD

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Hematology/Oncology Inpatient Unit 8B

The Hematology/Oncology Unit is located on Unit 8B. On this unit, we care for:

  • Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy
  • Cancer patients with complications
  • Sickle cell patients with pain
  • Sickle cell patients with fever
  • Patients with bleeding disorders

Patients receive care from a team that incorporates the patient, family, physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, education coordinators, pharmacists, child life therapists, chaplains, nutritionists, social workers, discharge planners, physical therapists, teachers, clinicians and other support personnel.

Continuity of care is the primary focus. Interdisciplinary rounds occur every weekday to discuss changes in the patients' condition and progress and recommended changes in plans of care.

Dr. Linda Pegram seen with a patient being treated for leukemia.
Dr. Linda Pegram with a patient being treated for leukemia.

Treatment regimen protocols reflect the most current guidelines developed by the Children's Oncology Group, an international research collective on pediatric cancers, of which CHKD is a member. The hematology service includes intensive pain management for the sickle cell population.

Peripheral blood stem cell transplant is another specialized treatment provided on this unit. This treatment allows for larger doses of chemotherapy to be given, followed by the re-infusion of the stem cell to facilitate more rapid patient recovery.

Daily staffing assignments are adjusted on the basis of census fluctuations and patient need. Nurse-to-patient ratio is one nurse to three or four patients.

One important goal is to ensure that the patient and family are involved in the daily activities of care and in the decisions necessary for effective treatment.