CHKD Patient Story

Ian Larmore, Age 4

When rough-and-tumble Ian complained of pain after a day of play one Saturday in March 2006, his parents knew something was wrong. They rushed him to the emergency center at Children’s Hospital, little knowing that it was the beginning of a very long journey.

Tests revealed a grapefruit-sized mass in Ian’s lower abdomen that would require surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy. He was admitted right away to CHKD’s cancer unit. In a 13-hour surgery, the tumor was ressected, but within 24 hours, a blood clot developed in Ian’s leg and bleeding erupted from the artery where the tumor had been attached, requiring a return to the operating room. Afterward, Ian recuperated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where a new threat arose. A hole developed where the tumor had been causing intestinal material to drain in to his abdomen, which lead to a low-grade infection. Complications continued, all of which delayed the essential start of his 42-week course of chemotherapy. Despite the risk of complications that chemo would cause, Ian’s doctors decided that was what had to do done to save his life.

Ian began an aggressive course of increasingly stronger chemotherapy and then was given a five-week course of daily radiation treatments. It was a difficult time for Ian and his family, but they held on. Finally, nine months after his diagnosis, Ian’s chemotherapy was complete and he went home to recover.

It wasn’t smooth sailing from then on, however. More surgeries and scares followed, but in the end, “Ian the Iron Man” overcame them and he is more determined than ever to live life to the fullest.

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