Hematology and Oncology
Herbert Bevan, MD
Megan Burke, MD
Raven Cooksey, MD
Eric Lowe, MD
Melissa Mark, MD
William Owen, MD
Linda Pegram, MD
Anthony Villella, MD
Eric Werner, MD

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Clinical Programs

Cancer Program

Within our comphrehensive cancer program, there are a few specialities.

Neuro-Oncology Clinic

This clinic provides comprehensive care for patients with brain and spinal cord tumors.

Blood and Marrow Transplantation

CHKD operates a Peripheral Stem Cell Transplant Program in conjunction with the American Red Cross. In this procedure, a patient's own peripheral blood stem cells are collected and used to support them during very high doses of chemotherapy. In addition, the stem cell program coordinates with other institutions when a child needs an allogenic (not their own stem cells) transplant. We then care for the children at Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center after the transplant.

INTACT Long-term Follow-up Program

“INTACT” stands for INdividuals Thriving After Cancer Treatment, and this program is an important component of the Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.  The main activity of the INTACT Program is to provide direct clinical care, support and education for childhood cancer survivors.  Survivors may obtain these services by attending the INTACT Clinic, which is staffed by a team of specialists including physicians, a nurse, educational consultant and medical social worker who specialize in providing long-term follow up services to survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer.

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Palliative Care Program

The palliative care program is designed to reduce the severity of disease, relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. It is run by the same staff as the cancer program, allowing the family and patient to be treated by caregivers they know and trust.

Dr. Eric Lowe seen with a leukemia patient.
Dr. Eric Lowe with a CHKD leukemia patient.

Sickle Cell Program

At CHKD, we have a comprehensive sickle cell program. The sickle cell team includes pediatric hematology physicians, a nurse practitioner who specializes in sickle cell disease, two specially trained nurse coordinators, two clinical social workers, a chaplain, an educational specialist and a nutritionist. The team is specifically designed to care for all patients with sickle cell disease and the complications that may arise. It is important to work closely with this team to ensure the very best treatment for your child.

Blood Disorders

At CHKD, we have a bleeding disorders team that includes two hematologists, a nurse coordinator, a social worker, an educational consultant, a physical therapist and a nutritionist.