Hematology and Oncology
Herbert Bevan, MD
Megan Burke, MD
Raven Cooksey, MD
Eric Lowe, MD
Melissa Mark, MD
William Owen, MD
Linda Pegram, MD
Anthony Villella, MD
Eric Werner, MD

Psychosocial Services

Support Team

Child Life Specialists

Child life specialists provide emotional and developmental services to our pediatric patients, which minimize the detrimental effects of their hospitalizations and their disease by enhancing the child’s ability to cope and feel competent in the health care setting. Patient needs are addressed by supporting age-appropriate development, working to minimize psychological trauma and helping patients and families to maintain their normal routines. As integral members of the health care team, child life specialists provide opportunities for children to gain a sense of control, which lessens anxiety and fear - through play, learning, self-expression, peer interaction, and family involvement. 

Educational Specialists

They provide a broad range of services to our patients, including:

  • acting as a resource to and for parents
  • facilitating homebound placement
  • providing instructional sessions during hospitalizations
  • assisting with the coordination of the school re-entry process, making school visits, and meeting with teachers, classes and school principals as necessary.

Educational Specialists are important members of the multidisciplinary patient care team.

Clinical Social Work

Clinical social workers assess patients and their families todetermine psychosocial needs and maintain ongoing supportive relationships to help families cope. Among the services provided are crisis intervention, supportive counseling, advocacy and referral to community resources. Involvement also includes home visits, school visits, bereavement follow-up and facilitation of support groups.

Chaplaincy Services

Chaplains at CHKD attend to the spiritual needs of patients, families and members of the health care team, helping to integrate spiritual support and understanding into the pediatric health care setting. Pastoral care is provided in the context of respect for the family's own religious/cultural tradition. Chaplains are available to provide pastoral care, crisis intervention, spiritual guidance and connection with a specific faith community, if requested. Chaplains are in the hospital daily and available to patients around the clock.