Sanaz Devlin, MD
Rianna Evans, MD
Bryan Fine, MD
Cyrus Heydarian, MD
Stephanie Hom, MD
Kyrie Shomaker, MD

CHKD Hospitalist

What is a pediatric hospitalist?

Pediatric hospitalists specialize in the inpatient, non-intensive medical care of children. They provide comprehensive coverage of the patients from admission through discharge, and communicate routinely with primary care pediatricians to discuss diagnostic and treatment regimens and ensure appropriate follow-up. They focus on family-centered care that allows parents to be involved in transparent decision-making. Most importantly, they are available 24/7, either in person or by telephone, and provide continuity of care during your child’s hospital stay.

Will my child be able to see his/her doctor in the hospital?

Once admitted to CHKD under the pediatric hospitalist service, you likely will not see your regular pediatrician. Rest assured that there will be collaboration of care upon admission and discharge, and pediatricians are welcome to come by the hospital and consult with the attending hospitalist.


To be a service-oriented, cohesive academic hospitalist team, providing patients with quality medical care that is safe, efficient, and addresses the longitudinal needs of patients and families.


To become the preferred provider of quality inpatient general medical services to children and families in the Hampton Roads area and surrounding communities.

Inpatient Services

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The CHKD hospitalists are located at:
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters
Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine
601 Children’s Lane
Norfolk, VA 23507
Office: (757) 668-8177
Fax: (757) 668-7895