Patient Stories

Tamia Johnston

Months of pain, mystery and fear ended on a single winter’s day when pediatric specialists at CHKD accomplished in one visit what doctors elsewhere had not been able to do in six months: diagnose Tamia’s illness. Read her story.


Maxy Riddick

Disabling migraines no longer keep Maxy Riddick from playing sports. Her CHKD pediatric neurologist Donald Lewis wrote a book on headaches in children and teenagers referenced by physicians all over the country. Read her story.


Brian Shaarda

It began with what looked like a routine ear infection, but a bad feeling by his mom led young Brian to the experts at CHKD. After an MRI and EEG, Dr. Frank discovered he had ADEM - which stands for acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Read his story.


Kristina's Formula for Success

CHKD neurologists help keep Kristina Foster's seizures in check with diet and medication. Read her story.


Chris Camp

After several days of testing and treatment for what his doctors thought was meningitis, Chris’s condition worsened. He lost control of his bowel and bladder and his legs became paralyzed. His doctors were at a loss to explain what was wrong. His parents contacted CHKD, and soon after pediatric neurologist Svinder Toor was on the phone with the frantic parents. Read his story


Mya Williams

LaVista Williams knew her 5-month-old daughter, Mya, desperately needed medical care. Never mind that an emergency room doctor said it was safe to take her home. As Mya grew worse, her limbs rag-doll floppy, her faint cry fading to nothing, LaVista made a different decision. Read her story


Sarah Cotrell

Sarah Cotrell, 17, loved playing lacrosse until she suffered a third concussion. CHKD doctors are leading the way to protect young athletes from getting back into the game too soon after head injury. Read her story.