Bar Removal

The pectus bar is usually removed after three years, but your child’s age and pectus condition will determine the best time for removal. The bar removal procedure is performed as outpatient surgery. Most children can go home on the same day.

Your child will need to have a chest X-ray and special breathing tests before surgery and cannot have anything to eat after midnight.

Your child will be under general anesthesia for the procedure and will be given an IV for fluids and medicine. In order to minimize scarring, we will make incisions to remove the bar at the same place where the bar was inserted. After the bar is removed, your child will be given another chest X-ray.

If there are no problems with the chest X-ray and your child is awake and comfortable, he will be discharged from the hospital. Your child can return to school or work within several days and can return to normal activity with no restrictions after 10 days.

Your child needs to continue breathing and posture exercises to prevent recurrence of pectus excavatum.

Read our information on the Pectus Excavatum Bar Removal Procedure and Discharge Instructions.

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