Patient Evaluation Guidelines

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The following is a guide for patients coming to CHKD for treatment of pectus excavatum.

Local Patients

(within 100-150 miles of CHKD)

Testing prior to your first consultation is not necessary or recommended. We will examine your child at the first appointment and determine whether testing is needed. If necessary, we will schedule all of the testing for a different day at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter's.

Out of Town Patients

(outside 150 miles of CHKD)

  • Under 6 years - Testing prior to your child's initial appointment is not recommended. The first appointment will include a complete physical, evaluation of the chest deformity, and detailed explanations regarding pectus excavatum, the pectus evaluation process, and surgery. Testing, if needed, will be scheduled closer to the time of surgery.
  1. Over 6 years - Testing should be completed in your home town prior to your first visit to CHKD. Start by making an appointment with your child's pediatrician or primary care physician; he or she should help you facilitate the required testing at appropriate facilities in your hometown. Once testing is completed, mail the information back Attention: Pectus Program. Once all of the testing and completed questionnaires have been received, one of our doctors will review the information. The Pectus Program Coordinator will then call to let you know whether your child is a candidate for surgery. The required information includes:
    • Pectus Questionnaire
    • Medical Questionnaire (demographic information)
    • Copy of insurance card; front and back
    • Copy of Cardiac or Thoracic MRI on disk and written report*
    • Copy of pulmonary function tests; raw data
    • Copy of diagnostic EKG
    • Copy of metal allergy testing **

    * If Cardiac or Thoracic MRI is not available in your area please call the Pectus Clinic at 757-668-6877.
    * If Cardiac MRI is not available in your area, you will need to obtain a Thoracic CT Scan along with a diagnostic EKG and ECHO.
    **For specific allergy testing guidelines please call the Pectus Clinic at 757-668-6877.

    Once testing has been completed and the results reviewed, an appointment for a consultation can be made. Consultations and surgeries may be scheduled for the same trip. Consultations can be scheduled prior to the completion of testing, but surgery cannot be scheduled and a full evaluation cannot be completed.

  • Over 18 years - We evaluate and correct patients at our hospital through the age of 25 years. As a free standing pediatric facility, we do not operate on older adults. If you are interested in having your chest evaluated, follow the steps listed above.

Pectus Carinatum

Testing prior to a Pectus Carinatum consult is not necessary. The carinatum deformity is not treated initially with surgery. We will evaluate the severity of the Carinatum in the office and determine whether testing and or bracing is necessary.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.