Parent Information (18 - 21 years)

We encourage all parents to schedule well-child appointments.


View our Immunization schedule.

If you feel uncomfortable, we recommend giving a dose of Tylenol. This can be repeated once every 4 hours as needed.

General Information

Now that you’re officially an adult, try to stay connected with your family. While you may have differences, your parents and your siblings are often your biggest supporters. It is common for individuals to drift away from old friends and make new ones—overall, focus on healthy relationships.

Find what works for you when it comes to dealing with stress. Recognize everyone goes through periods where they may feel overwhelmed. It is important to talk about these feelings with those close to you. If these emotions are preventing you from enjoying your normal activities or you begin to feel sad regularly, see your doctor.

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Diet and Exercise

Think about your eating habits. The patterns that you establish now will stick with you—watch out for too much screen time (TV, video games, computer) and not enough physical activity. We recommend 60 minutes a day of activity. By incorporating what you enjoy into your routine, this can be easy to achieve. Let your doctor know if you are concerned about your weight. It is important to realize that being underweight is as bad as being overweight. Eating a balanced diet establishes and maintains strong bones and muscles as well as enhances your mental performance.

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When it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy, sexual abstinence, or refraining from intercourse, is always the safest option. It is helpful to think about your beliefs regarding sex before you are confronted with a situation where you need to make a decision. This will help you be true to your own feelings. Remember, no one should ever force you to do something you do not want to do.

When you choose to become sexually active, it is important to protect yourself and your partner. This means using a condom correctly every time you have sex. While birth control pills will prevent pregnancy, they will not stop the transmission of STDs.

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Be safe. By now, you have likely seen the destruction that drugs and alcohol can have upon people’s lives. Seemingly small choices—wearing a seat belt, turning down drugs at a party, riding with a sober driver—can affect the rest of your life. You are more likely to die from preventable causes than anything else at this age.

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