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Children who exercise regularly are more likely to develop lifelong habits that foster good heart and lung health, strong muscles and bones, sound body composition and psychological well-being.

At CHKD, we are committed to providing the safest training available for children. We follow established guidelines developed by the American College of Sports Medicine for the training of children, and all of our training guidelines have been approved by our physicians.

For young athletes, a well-rounded strength and conditioning program can improve sports performance and reduce the risk of injuries. This program should include appropriate strength training; flexibility, balance and coordination exercises; and speed agility training. At CHKD, we know that developing strength and force production is a good way to improve a student-athlete’s on-field performance.

For children who are at risk of being overweight, repetitive aerobic exercise can quickly become boring. Adding in appropriate strength training and other types of exercise provides children the variety they need while creating a fun and challenging program. This helps increase a child’s activity level and improves results.

Dr. Joel Brenner, medical director of CHKD's Sports Medicine Program, talks with the AAP about how young athletes can avoid sports injuries.

Training Rates

All training sessions are 45 minutes.

Personal Training

Evaluation Session $20
Evaluation includes all that apply: flexibility, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, speed, muscular strength, balance, agility and nutrition education.
Fee Per Training Session $40 Buy 8 and get one free!

Multi-Month Packages (all are 8 sessions per month and must be paid in full before starting)
2 months $35/session
4 months $32/session
6 months $30/session
Meet pre-determined personal goals and earn free sessions!

Group Training

$15 per session

Biggest Winner

Join a group of like-minded individuals who are working to achieve personal goals and have fun at the same time. Compete to see who can make the biggest change in overall health and fitness. Beginner and advanced level classes available. Groups run for two months, and then a Biggest Winner will be determined. Class involves indoor and outdoor activities.

Movie Cardio
Watch your favorite movies and get a good workout at the same time.

Speed and Agility Clinic
Improve personal and team performance by working on speed and agility. Get that competitive edge and preparedness that will propel you to the next level of competition. Clinics involve indoor and outdoor training.

ACL-Injury Prevention Program for Female Athletes

CHKD Sports Medicine program for female athletes. Click here to learn more.


CHKD Fitness and Sports Training is offered at the following locations:

CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke
500 Discovery Drive, Suite 202
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Call (757) 668-2390 for information or to sign up.

CHKD Health Center at Kempsville
171 Kempsville Rd., Bldg. A
Norfolk, VA 23502
Call (757) 668-6644 for information or to sign up.

CHKD Health and Surgery Center at Princess Anne
2021 Concert Dr., Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Call (757) 668-2727 for information or to sign up.