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Mental Health Month

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Too often, children with mental health issues struggle in darkness.

There’s stigma. There’s fear. There’s shame.

That needs to end, and recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month is one way to help children get the treatment they need early when it’s most likely to be effective.

CHKD is joining advocacy groups across the region in an array of Mental Health Awareness Month activities. We’ll start by lighting our buildings green, the national color for mental health awareness. We’ll also help host educational events, public forums, and a screening of the documentary “Angst,” that highlights anxiety in America and ways to handle it.

Our community goals

  • Know the symptoms of mental illness.
  • Help children receive mental health treatment early to keep them healthy and thriving.
  • Advocate for laws and policies that make mental health treatment available to all.
  • Talk about mental health and support others in telling their stories, both the struggles and the victories.
  • Promote mental wellness.

In a region where mental illness is the most common reason children age 10 through 17 are admitted to the hospital, it’s time to light the way to better health.

(757) 668-7070