Donate to Child Life

(757) 668-7327

Are you wondering what to donate? Please browse the child life department's wishlist on this page for ideas.

General Donation Guidelines

  • Donations must be approved before drop off by calling (757) 668-7327. Please note that the front desk will not accept the donation without proper approval. Once you get approval, you may drop them off at the front information desk where you will receive a Donation Disclaimer form to fill out for tax purposes.
  • Please do not wrap gifts. You may include a donation of gift bags if you would like.
  • If you have any questions regarding donations, please call the Child Life Department at (757) 668-7327.

Toy Safety Guidelines

  • All toys donated should be sturdy. We cannot accept toys made of glass or brittle plastic or that have sharp edges or protrusions. We cannot accept toys with detachable or removal parts which can be swallowed or inhaled by small children.
  • All toys should be new. We cannot accept used or old toys or stuffed animals due to our infection control policies.
  • We cannot accept any toys and/or gifts that may include food/candy, candles, knives, razors, medicines or Latex balloons.
  • We cannot accept toys or video games that depict violence in any way. No guns, swords, or fighting figures will be accepted.
  • We cannot accept any toys or books with religious messages or of a religious nature.
(757) 668-7327

Child Life Department's Wishlist

Current specific needs:

Craft supplies

  • Coloring books (non-holiday and non-religious)
  • Craft/Tacky glue
  • Wooden craft kits, small packaged craft kits (beads, foam)
  • Crayola paint and watercolor paint
  • Crayola markers and window markers
  • Paintbrushes (all sizes)
  • Hasbro Play-doh
  • Crayola model magic


  • Infant rattles/wrist rattles
  • Plastic infant and toddler toys (ex. shape sorters, ring stacks)
  • Cause-Effect Toys
  • Fisher Price Little People
  • Board games/Electronic Board Games (ex. Monopoly, Guess Who)
  • Matchbox cars
  • Legos/Mega Blocks
  • Water Uno Cards, Playing cards
  • Action Figures
  • Barbie Dolls
  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Wooden Magnetic Trains


  • Bubbles (wedding size bubbles)
  • Stress balls
  • Small pinwheels
  • Stickers
  • Batteries
  • Gift Cards (iTunes, craft stores)