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CHKD volunteers apply that special touch, that extra smile and that willing pair of hands to help make the difference in the care we are known for.

Compassion When Needed Most

We promise "great rewards" to the unselfish individual who comes to CHKD with a desire to help. That's because we believe no reward is greater than the satisfying feeling you get when you labor unselfishly for others, especially for sick children. Whatever your need, we'll try to match it to ours. We can help you give the greatest gift of all. All you need to do is spare a little time and share a little of yourself.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volounteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are endless at CHKD. We offer a variety of volunteer experiences based on your personal interests. Our volunteers commit to a consistent and ongoing schedule. If you have special talents, please let us know. We are always interested in developing new services. 

Steps to Becoming a CHKD Volunteer

Because we place the utmost importance on the safety and health of our patients, becoming a volunteer is a series of “steps.”

Step One: Apply. Please fill out the online application by clicking on the “Apply Now” button. SUMMER TEEN APPLICANTS - DO NOT APPLY HERE. This application is for adult volunteer applicants only.

Apply Now

Step Two: Contact volunteer services at (757) 668-7195 to schedule your personal interview. Interviews are conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Step Three: Gather the health information listed below and bring it with you to your personal interview. If you do not have the required immunization records, please discuss your options at your interview.

  • Proof of two (2) MMR immunizations since birth or proof of blood tests indicating immunity. (Adults born before 1957 need only show proof of immunity to Measles [Rubeola]. If you do not have access to this record, we will discuss your options at your interview.
  • Verbal or written verification of a history of chicken pox or immunization.
  • One of the following forms of identification: driver’s license, social security card, military ID or passport.

Next Steps: Based on the interview and the hospital's current volunteer needs, you may be accepted and asked to complete an online background/security clearance. Your portion of the cost of this screening is $9.99.

The next step will be to complete an online general volunteer orientation. Volunteers are also required to provide proof of a negative PPD (TB skin test) administered within the past year. If you have not had a screening in the past year, you must obtain one. The cost ranges from $7 to $25, depending on where you obtain the test. If you have previously tested positive during a TB skin test, you must provide chest x-ray results indicating “No Active TB.” Uniforms are purchased through CHKD for $15.

After completing the application, screening, orientation process, and providing required health information, you will be ready to start as a scheduled volunteer. Additional training will be provided by the unit/department in which you volunteer.

Please note that CHKD does not accept volunteers for court mandated volunteer hours. In addition, CHKD has a nicotine free hiring and volunteering policy.

We appreciate your interest in sharing a little of your time with our patients and staff at CHKD.

Junior Volunteer program

Teenagers who are at least 14 years old (by December 31), and still in high school can apply for our Summer  Junior Volunteer Program. Applications are accepted between March and May only. Due to the large volume of applications, we are not able to keep applications on file.

Contact Volunteer Services

For additional information on volunteering at CHKD please call us at (757) 668-7195 or email us at volserv@chkd.org. If you are interested in the Junior Volunteers program, please call between March 1 and May 1 for more information.

(757) 668-7195

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