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Where Your Support Goes

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Every donation made to CHKD makes a direct impact on our ability to care for our young patients every day.

Your support allows CHKD to:

  • Purchase medical supplies and equipment, including infant incubators for babies weighing less than 2 pounds
  • Fund pediatric medical research and allows children suffering from life-threatening illnesses to participate in clinical trials.
  • Purchase surgical gloves, IV poles, and hospital beds for the more than 5,000 overnight patient admissions at CHKD each year.
  • Support specialized health programs and services for children in our region, helping victims of child abuse get treatment and find hope for the future.

For more information on how CHKD uses your donations to provide specialized pediatric care in a community with more than 475,000 children, click on any of the additional links attached to this story.


(757) 668-7070

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