START Transition Program

START Adolescent Transition Program

(757) 668-8609

The START adolescent transition clinic has been created to assist diabetic patients who are 15-21 years of age as they transition to seeing an adult endocrinologist. It is the goal of our team to provide our patients with the resources and tools to achieve independence in care.


We feel it is important to start discussing this transition at an early age so that patients know what to expect and have the knowledge they need to stay healthy before aging out of our pediatric practice.

Patients are seen in our clinic bi-annually to learn skills related to their specific age-group challenges. The team consists of the diabetes nurse practitioner, a certified diabetes educator, and medical social worker.

Where To Find Treatment for Depression and Other Mental Health Needs

  • Contact the Diabetes Center at CHKD and ask to speak to a social worker: (757) 668-8609
  • If you have health insurance, contact your insurance provider to obtain a list of covered mental health professionals in your area. 
  • EVMS Outpatient Training Clinic for Mental Health (provides psychotherapy by interns under supervision for only $10 per session. Does not accept Medicaid/Medicare patients.)
  • Access Partnership
(757) 668-8609


  • Paula Raube, CPNP, medical provider, (757) 668-7237
  • Debbie Miles, RN, CDE, Educator, (757) 668-7281
  • Karen Ulerio, LCSW, Medical Social Work, (757) 668-9039

Other important contact information

  • Diabetes Center, (757) 668-8609
  • Main Endocrinology number, (757) 668-7237
  • CHKD Endocrinology Emergency line, (866) 883-9886          
  • Prescription line, (757) 668-8747