Reading Your CSSG Bill

Health care bills can be very confusing. To help you better understand your hospital bill we have created a sample bill and a legend to explain each item on your bill. In order to view our sample bill you will need Adobe Reader.
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Sample Bill Legend

  1. Statement Date
  2. Pay This Amount - This is the patient responsibility portion which could be your co-pay, deductible or any amount your insurance company states is the patient’s responsibility.
  3. Account Number - The tracking number assigned within Children’s Surgical Specialty Group to identify the patient, the guarantor (person legally responsible for payment on the account) and the patients date(s) of service(s). This account number will remain the same even if the patient is seen by a different physician and/or specialty within the group. If the patient turns 18, a new account number may be given.
  4. Payment Due Date - The date the total amount (patient responsibility) is due.
  5. Addressee - The name and address of the guarantor (a guarantor is the person legally responsible for payment on the account).
  6. Remit To - The name and address to which the payment should be mailed.
  7. Detail for Patient - Patient's name and patient account number, summary of location and procedure(s) preformed, charges and date(s) of service(s).
  8. Charges - Amount of each charge listed on statement .
  9. Credits - The amount of any payments applied to the account.
  10. Insurance Balance - This section will show any amounts that are being billed to your insurance company as of the statement date.
  11. Patient Balance - This is the balance owned by the guarantor. 
  12. Total Due - This is the total balance that is owed by the guarantor.
  13. Account Aging - The portion that shows the aging of the date(s) of service(s), Insurance Balance Total and Patient Balance Total. Account balances over 90 days are considered delinquent and will be reviewed for collection proceedings.
  14. Telephone number to call for billing questions.