Children's Health System

Akhil Jain, Chair

The Board of Directors for Children's Health System has governance authority over all affairs, property, and funds of Children's Health System and CHKD.

  • Akhil Jain, Chair
  • Julie Childress Beck
  • Martha Colen
  • Amy Sampson
  • R. Justin Fulton
  • Kim Georges
  • Owen Griffin
  • Katherine Knaus
  • John R. Lawson, II
  • Nicole Legum
  • Miles Leon
  • Katrina Lesher, MD
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Scott Nottingham, MD
  • Kieran Poulos
  • Brian K. Skinner
  • Elly Bradshaw Smith
  • Carl St. Remy, MD
  • Edward D. Whitmore

Children's Health Foundation

Lawrence A. Bernert III, Chair

The Children's Health Foundation serves to invest, grow and safeguard the assets of the Children's Health System. Additionally, the Foundation Board is frequently utilized as a participant in the Health System strategic planning.

  • Lawrence A. Bernert III, Chair
  • Dan Boyle
  • Scott Carr
  • Mark Compton
  • Leslie Doyle
  • Doug Hillebrandt
  • Trey Huelsberg
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Michael R. Matacunas
  • Kim McMillan
  • Matthew Nusbaum
  • Karen P. Priest
  • Taylor Priest
  • Amy Sampson

The King’s Daughters

 Nicole Legum, President

The King's Daughters Board is elected annually by the membership and is the decision-making body of The King's Daughters.

  • Nicole Legum - President
  • Beth Bryant – Vice President
  • Laura Fulton – Co-Vice President
  • Sunny Sonner – Co-Vice President
  • Taylor Priest - Treasurer
  • Carrie Lauck - Secretary
  • Robin Broadnax
  • Leslie Crocker
  • Margaret Kelly
  • Amy Moynihan
  • Renee S. Walker
  • Carrie Williams