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Window Washers Bring Smiles to CHKD Patients

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NORFOLK, Va. – Jersiah Washington’s last day at CHKD turned out to be a spectacular one, with Spiderman swooping down to wave to him from outside the 1-year-old boy’s window.

The best part? Jersiah’s room was on the 8th floor, and Spiderman was swinging down from ropes attached to the rooftop.

Window cleaners from Valcourt Building Services sported superhero costumes to entertain the children as the employees cleaned and squeegeed the windows of the patients’ rooms earlier this week.

To keep children and their families safe from COVID-19, CHKD has limited visitors and volunteers to its facilities, so the visit by superheroes from behind a thick pane of glass was an unexpected treat, with just the right amount of social distancing.

“It’s a great experience for the kids,” said Jersiah’s mother, Sha’Qualia Nowell, who lives in Virginia Beach.

The window washers enjoy seeing the surprised looks on children’s faces.

“Sometimes they wave to us,” said Kevin Diestra, operations manager for Valcourt’s Hampton Roads office. “They’ll point and say, ‘Oh, look at that.’ It’s an aww moment.”

News Releases-Window Washers Brighten Patient's Day 1

One-year-old Jersiah Washington gets up close and personal to Spiderman, aka Samuel De Paz, while still in the safety of the arms of his mother, Sha‘Qualia Nowell.

News Releases-Window Washers Brighten Patient's Day 2

Window washers from Valcourt Building Services give CHKD patients a boost while getting the job done. Even superheroes wear protective face masks.

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