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"A picture is worth a thousand words." But sometimes a little explanation helps. Spotlight is a collection of fabulous and colorful storytelling photography with a bit of good old black-and-white words thrown in.

The Right Solution

Sometime small changes can make a big difference for our patients. Read about how a multidisciplinary team worked together to provide better nutrition to critically ill babies in our NICU. 

Trauma Ready

Twice a month, without any notice, CHKD's Trauma Team holds practice sessions so that it is always prepared for the unexpected. Efficiency and effectiveness are the goals of the mock trauma drills. Read more about mock trauma drills at CHKD.

Better Together

Dana and Shelby have created a unique bond when in CHKD's inpatient rehabilitation unit and the two often encourage one another during physical and occupational therapy sessions. Read more about their unique bond here.

Alexa's Beads

Undergoing chemotherapy for Wilms' tumor, Alexa used the Beads of Hope program to both mark milestones in her recovery and to better understand each step and process along the way. Read Alexa's story and see her Beads of Hope here.

Road to Recovery

CHKD's Transport Team makes more than 1,500 trips through the streets of Hampton Roads each year, giving patients pediatric-centered care on the way to the hospital. Read more about our Transport Team here.

Newly Designed Nuss Center Opens Its Doors

The hospital introduced the  Nuss Center, a 2,000 square foot, state-of-the-art clinic designed specifically to treat children and adolescents with chest wall abnormalities.  Take a look inside here.

State of the Art

With more than 10 cans of paint, a collection of brushes and a stroke of creative genius, Esteban del Valle turned a long, blank wall on the fifth floor of CHKD into a story-telling, creative masterpiece. Read and see his incredible art here.

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