Patients, families, visitors, nurses, physicians, and employees can nominate an exemplary non-nursing CHKD staff member by completing the form below.

    Sunflower Award Criteria:

    The Sunflower Award recognizes staff members who demonstrate outstanding service and compassion while exemplifying CHKD’s mission of excellence in a non-nursing role. This staff member consistently meets the following criteria:

    • Engage with patients and families by introducing themselves and their role, taking time to interact, and always using common courtesy.

    • Making a personal commitment to safety by explaining to patient’s, families, and other staff members in clear language what they are doing and what’s going to happen next.

    • Collaborating with patients, families, and other staff members in order to deliver the best possible care for each patient while being accountable and following through on their commitments.

    • Empathizing with patients and families by communicating clearly and respectfully and responding to all concerns in a timely manner.

    • Being present in the moment with patients and families by listening and supporting a questioning attitude.
    Staff Members that qualify for Sunflower award:

    Nursing care partners, patient care assistants, medical assistants, athletic trainers, mental health techs, anesthesia techs, surgical techs, emergency room techs, unit secretaries, ESD staff, etc.